Derricka - LOVE IT
2010 Wonderful service, great looking hair, and professionalism are standouts at Xplicit. Another great thing is that what she is using on your hair is not a secret- she walks you through each step and informs you of the products she is using. I have natural hair and not a ton of salons are competent in working with it. But I left looking beautiful. Of course, she does all services and types of hair too, not only naturals. She also started my appointment on time and did not over book (a practice I deplore!) I will be going back! Ms. Bi-Mia

(2011) Okay, so after living in San Diego a little over a year, I finally found a respectable, cutting edge hair salon that cares about keeping my hair on point as much as I do.  Ms.De'borah is theeeee best.  I love how she walks/talks you through all steps she takes while doing your hair.  She definitely values educating her clientele so that you know how to maintain your style and continue a healthy hair regimen in between visits.  Xplicit salon is the cozy, inviting environment I've been searching for...plus, she always has specials.  De'borah is great with my daughter's hair also (8 years old) and provides a positive uplifiting relationship with her customers.  She will definitely keep my business!!! Mrs. Tanikka

I have NEVER loved a hair salon as I do Xplicit. Once you walk in it's lik

e you are home. The owner Debora, welcomes you with a hug and shows you around. You are offered drinks and snacks while you get beautified. I went to have my hair darkened I had no idea what color I wanted but I knew I wanted it dark. I went in I had Shalease do my hair. It came out awesome. I had NO washout. That's right ladies NO washout. I don't know how she did it. It looks the same as the day I left. I'm still loving it. I can't wait to go back.

Hi De Bora,

My name is Pat Cook...we met yesterday when I brought my daughter in (along with her 4 year old daughter in princess shoes) to have her hair done.
I needed to write you to say how impressed I was with, not only your salon, but with your excellent customer service. I am a stickler for excellent customer service! It was very refreshing to walk in and find a professional, black entrepreneur who has been established and working her thing for 10 years. I Love It!!! As I stated, I live in El Cajon and I will continue to look for arenas here in the East County for you to advertise in. In my line of business, I provide design services for weddings (and for other arenas) and will definitely be recommending your services to my clientele.
Again, Thank you for what you do...for, you do it so well! 

Pat Cook



P.S. I have to say you are by far the best beautician I have ever had..my hair is so healthy and is growing...thank you so much....you are a blessing..and I enjoy our talks during my appointments. Have a great week