Frequent Asked Hair Questions!

FYI: Dryness: Contrary to popular belief, dry hair does not lack oil - most of us produce enough natural oil (sebum) to keep our hair healthy. What dry hair lacks is water (moisture). Open cuticles along the hair shaft allow moisture to escape into the air, resulting in dry hair with short-lived sheen.

What to Use At Home: Creme Hairdress and a Leave-in Hydrating Conditioner.

In Salon Treatment: Hair steamer & a deep moisturizing conditioner.

FYI: Dandruff: The skin is constantly renewing itself causing dead cells to fall off as new cells from beneath them. This unnoticeable process normally takes approximately 28 days, but with Dandruff and Dermatitis it is much faster, occurring in up to seven days. The result is large visible flakes that appear as an overly dry scalp with itchy white flakes or as an oily scalp with greasy flakes. Be mindful that scratching only makes it worse and can cause more severe flaking as the skin tries to renew itself even quicker.

What to Use at Home: Use tea tree shampoo & conditioner weekly.  If persist see your Physician. In Salon Treatment: Hair Steamer & Rx System



Moisturight by Avlon it hydrates, detangles, and softens.


Split Ends, or Shedding?

FYI: Split ends occur when the proteins that protect the hair's cuticles at the ends are worn away. This happens with time and daily hair stress like thermal styling tools, poor maintenance and frequent or improper chemical services. All of these things cause hair to become dry, brittle and susceptible to splitting. The only efficient way to get rid of split ends is to cut them off and start over again with proper hair care practices.

FYI: Normal hair shedding consists of 50 - 100 strands per day, and it is part of the normal hair growth cycle. Excessive shedding can be an indication of a much greater issue such as medication, stress, or hormones imbalance consult your doctor.

What To Use At Home: Use a Creme Hair Dress and a  Leave-In Conditioner. The leave in helps strengthen and replenish lost nutrients to the hair. Add a cream hair dress on the hair and scalp it will maintain moisture leaving the hair soft and manageable.

In Salon Treatment: Hair Steamer & Protein conditioners

Why is my Hair Breaking?

FYI: Abusing hair with multiple processes, such as improperly or too frequently relaxing and coloring, coupled with excessive heat from thermal styling is the most common cause of breakage. Hair that's prone to breakage needs to be strengthened with essential proteins and relieved of stress.

What to Use At Home: Deep moisturizing Conditioner.
In Salon Treatment: Hair Steamer & a deep moisturizer conditioner.

 Working Out & the Itchy Scalp; For the active client it can be a challenge to maintain the physical body and the look of the hair. It's important to keep the scalp clean since sweating produce salt deposits which can have a drying effect on hair.

What to Use At Home: Deep Cleanse Shampoo followed by Moisture Retention Shampoo, rinse both, use a peppermint base moisturizer Conditioner, rinse, use eave-in cconditioner, blow dry then add blow dry protector then use Hair + Scalp hair dress.

In Salon Treatment: Hair Steamer & Rx System

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