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As a Master Cosmetologist and Hair Loss Practitioner, providing the healthiest hair care services that promotes growth over trendy harmful styling comes first.  First-time clients receive a thorough hair consultation including a scalp scope is provided to determine the health of the hair and to identify any scalp concerns. Client also receive a hair and scalp detox as needed to remove toxins and impurities.  We DO NOT provide services that cause harm to our customers hair or scalp. 

Our salon is a boutique studio, and we do one on one services in a relaxing, private setting to promote wellness for the body, mind and spirit. All services are customized according to customers needs. We offer the highest quality products, including plant-based products. In addition we educate our customer's how to maintain their hair style and how to preserve a healthier hair and scalp. 



Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul. (3 John 1:2)  


Hair Boost Treatments

Offering Scalp Exfoliation Therapy, Water Hair Care Wellness, Miracle Repair Re-Conditioning. 

Scalp Exfoliation Detox Therapy

Scalp exfoliation therapy is for alopecia, dandruff,  eczema, itchy scalp and psoriasis. It's a treatment that gently cleanses and removes all impurities and build-up off the scalp, and restores it's natural oils and Ph balance. Infused with spearmint and eucalyptus to help relieve flaking, itching and irritated scalps. It's a pre-wellness service that has a cooling effect done prior to regular shampoo service.

Water Wellness Treatment

Swimmer Wellness treatment Is perfect for swimmers because it gently removes chlorine from hair to prevent breakage. And the Hard-water Wellness treatment gently removes the build-up of hard water minerals  from the hair so it can absorb conditioners and or moisturizers. Both are 100% vegan shampoo used as a pre-treatment prior to regular shampooing.

Re-Conditioning Hair Repair

This treatment is a deep conditioner designed to address dry hair, split ends and breakage. It is a miracle in a bottle because it nourishes and treat dry, damaged hair leaving it with exceptional elasticity, body and bounce.

Ultimate Hair Repair 


Our  customized combination of conditioners addresses breakage, chemically damaged, color-treated, dry/brittle, dull, frizzy, over-porous, split ends, tangled and or thermal damaged hair. It  leaves hair with exceptional elasticity, body and bounce.

Hydration Steam Conditioning


It's a deep penetrating moisturizing conditioner for dry hair.

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Service Policy


Natural Hair: Please remove protective styles and completely detangle  your hair prior to your appointment. To detangle: use any cream conditioner or water for slip, then finger detangle, then a wide tooth comb then put into 4 big twist. properly please contact the salon


Relaxed Hair: Please do not shampoo, brush, or scratch your scalp within two days prior to this service. And to avoid any scalp irritations it's best to remove protective styles 2 days prior to service


Color Services: New to color a $25 consultation is required.


Hair Extensions/Crochet braids: A 50% deposit is required,  hair must be detangled and deep conditioning and trims is additional.


ALL prices are starting prices, long hair or short require more time and therefore price increase. Consultation are done at the beginning of service to inform you of any changes in price.


Our salon closes at 8pm additional drying time cannot exceed past 8 pm.