Healthy Services Only

Our salon is known for providing healthy hair and scalp care services with high tech amenities and focused plant-based treatments . Every client receives a consultation before services, so we can customize our services based on your individual needs.  We do not provide any hair services that will compromise your hair's integrity. 

Our prices reflect our experience, our offerings and our goregous, professional, friendly vibe.


If you are experiencing hair loss, hair thinning, or any scalp disorders, such as psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, or chronic dandruff, a comprehensive hair and a scalp analysis is recommended. 


A comprehensive hair and scalp consultation is a detail evaluation to determine the hair loss and scalp disorder cause and to establish a restoration and or treatment plan. It includes a hair and scalp analysis using microscopic technology, a physical hair and scalp exam, hair and scalp photos,  and a health questionnaire  to get to the root cause of the situation. And we include a nutritional evaluation, stress management evaluation, product recommendation and a hair and scalp restoration therapy plan.


For clients experiencing hair loss we offer customized non-surgical Crown Toppers hair replacement systems.  We know how important appearances are, so while you are going through your hair restoration plan we want you to look and feel good without creating more hair and scalp damage. 







Hair Restoration

As a Certified Trichologist, we identify your hair or scalp concern and set up a hair restoration plan to address/correct that concern using Micro-scalp analysis, topicals, and supplementation.

Laser Therapy

per treatment session

Laser therapy is the use of science and technology, providing light energy for hair restoration. It is the use of photomedicine, providing low-level laser light to the scalp and hair follicles to stimulate cellular activity and promote the flow of blood.

Safe & Effective

FDA-cleared for Treating Hair Loss Due to Heredity

Treats Thinning Hair & Balding

Nurtures Fuller, Healthier Looking Hair

Revitalizes Damaged Hair

Easy to Use & No Known Adverse Side Effects



Ideal benefits when used 2-3 times per week for 12 minutes

Hair Loss/Restoration Consultation

This is a 60 minute full consultation to identify and discover the root of hair thinning or hair loss. This appointment includes a scalp Tricho-Analyzer, digital photos, and a scalp therapy session. Sign up for a treatment plan and get your first retail product free ($40 value). Treatment plans start as low as $40 each (styling is not included). Styling options will be discussed during the consultation.

Ozone3 Hydration Therapy

Transforms low porosity, dry, thirsty, or hard to manage hair to hydrated, soft and manageable hair. Treatment helps hair to absorb and retain moisture to improve manageability from the root to prevent dryness. 

Inflammation Therapy

 Inflammation causes hair loss.  Symptoms is having a constant itch followed by thinning of hair in the affected area. Relieve that constant itch by adding this treatment to soothe, reduce, stop  inflammation from within. It takes 15 minutes to restore a healthier scalp which promotes hair growth.  Great option for those who have androgenetic alopecia, psorasis, dandruff, or seborrheic dermatitis. Increases hair density.
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Service Policy

We are committed to you as our guest and providing you with a professional, relaxing vibe. Therefore  we need your help with the following salon policies below. 

  •  NO GUEST  unless getting hair serviced.
  • No LATE: 15 minutes or more need to reschedule.  
  • PRICES: depends on length, thickness, time, and treatments needed.
  • Cancellation fee: 48 hrs notice is required, otherwise lose deposit.
  • NO show's or obessive cancellations
  • To reserve an appt  50% of desired services is required.
  • NO refunds.


Booking Appts:  Online booking coming soon!

To Book Appts: 

Text the salon:  first and last name, email address, service requested, day and time base on salon's schedule. 

No calls  accepted on Friday's our busiest day and we are closed Saturday through Monday. Therefore you will be contacted the next business day on Tuesday.

 Appointments are limited due to our existing clientele and high request. To get and appointment it's best to book in advance and prebook before leaving the salon.



Natural Hair: PLEASE REMOVE AND DETANGLED ALL PROTECTIVE STYLES BEFORE COMING TO SALON.  Detangle Tip: use any cream conditioner or water for slip, use fingers to detangle followed with a wide tooth comb then put into 4 big twist. 

Relaxed Hair: Please do not shampoo, brush, or scratch your scalp within 2 days prior to this service. If you are coming out of a protective style to avoid any scalp irritations it's best to remove protective styles and shampoo/condition a week prior to relaxing.  

Color Services: Your hair must be shampooed, detangled and stretched if you are natural. 1st time color clients require a color test to avoid allergic reactions.  Hair styles, trims and treatments are additional.

Hair Extensions/Crochet braids: A 50% deposit is required,  hair must be detangled prior to coming to the salon. Trims, deep conditioning and scalp treatments  is additional.

We appreciate your patience and understanding and thank you for considering our business to serve your hair and scalp needs.

Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul. (3 John 1:2)